PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018: Compete and win Rs. 50 lakh prize money

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018: Compete and win Rs. 50 lakh prize money

Player unknown's Battleground Mobile (PubG Mobile) has partnered with Oppo to come out with the Campus Championship 2018. The campus championship is a Pub Mobile Tournament especially for college students, with a total prize pool of Rs.50 million. Registration for  championship ends on September 21.

The PubG Mobile Campus Championship registration commences on September 7 and ends on September 21. Check-in starts on 22 September and runs until September 23. The online qualifier round starts on 26th September and ends on October 5, while the Grand Final (Offline) runs on October 20 and till October 21. The first 10,000 check-in checkers will be eligible for online qualifiers.

The total prize pool for the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship is Rs. 50,00,000 First place winners are Rs. 15,00,000; Second and third teams raised Rs. 5,00,00 and Rs. 3,00,000 respectively In addition to the first three winners, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places have prize money with different prize money for teams.

As part of the partnership with Oppo, the smartphone of Rs. A team of Rs. 13,00,000 will be distributed with allowance. 4,00,000 There is a diverse range of Rs. 3,00,000. Interested teams can register at

The tournament format is based on a single eradication with the maximum slot for 10,000 squads. The qualifier round is based on the best of 1 and 4 classes qualified from each match. Quarterfinals are the best of 3 in which qualifying 4 squads are from each match. Semifinals are again the best of 3 with 3 squads qualifying and the Grand Finals are the best of 5.

In order to participate, the entrant should be part of any college and any college over the age of 15 years for the current calendar year. In addition, participants should have a college ID with registration number.
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