WordPress vs. Blogger – Which Is Better & Why? Detailed Comparison (2018)

WordPress or Blogger? If you are going to start your blog then this election is not less than any question asked by yourself! WordPress versus Blogger's discussion or dilemma continues to rise. Let's know what is the difference between the two and who will be better for you.
blogger vs wordpres complete blogging guide

WordPress vs. Blogger – Which Is Better & Why? Detailed Comparison (2018)

WordPress vs. Blogger – Which Is Better & Why? Detailed Comparison (2018)

Blogger (or Blogspot)

As far as I remember, this is the oldest and most popular platform of blogging. Even today, it comes in most of the behaviors, but due to some flaws, bloggers have also moved towards other platforms. If you write amateur and do not feel like taking it further, this is the easiest option. But if you want to move to self hosted blog later, then many technical difficulties can come. It is also known that the blogger gives you maximum custom domain access. In it neither you can set your own permalink (an important aspect of SEO associated with the URL) and there is no other facility. Yes, in bloggers you will definitely find the theme and design you want for your website (in which you can adjust yourself).
I would still refuse this because when Google closes it itself (sources say Google is no longer working for its betterment) nobody knows it. Nor has there been any major technical change in the last several years.

This is also a free option that will give you your preferred name in the format of xyz.wordpress.com (if available). So far, its biggest so-called problem was that Google searched more than xyz.wordpress.com xyz.blogspot.com (although this problem was not with the custom domain and your content is good no matter which one is on ). But if you want to keep your custom domain name, it is better than blogger's custom domain options. If this is the reason that if you go towards self hosted blog in the future, then the work will not be more complicated. The WordPress platform also uses the same platform for self-hosted domains, which it offers for free services (and also includes periodic changes and updates). The advantage of this is that when you build a self-hosted blog, there will not be any change in the basic structure of your previous website nor will you need to do any additional formatting in your post.

I compare the other features of WordPress in comparison to Blogger (Blogspot):

  • About 20% of the website is on wordpress (which is constantly increasing)
  • About 80% of blogs are on wordpress
  • It keeps on constantly updating
  •  It does not require much technical knowledge to operate (even if you get a little more HTML / PHP / CSS then even better)
  •  Convenience and Convenience for SEO
  •  Its online community is so big that they can get advice (free) by visiting their forum when technical problems arise *
  •  The number of themes and plug-ins available for this is immeasurable (from which you can create your website design and features)
  • With the help of WordPress you can create your own completely or self-hosted website, which is not available in the blogspot (blogger).

* wordpress.com is for free services and for wordpress.org self hosted blogs.

If you are a non-serious blogger that you write only occasionally then no one can choose. But if you want to go towards a blog or self-hosted service with a custom domain in the future then in my opinion, there is no better option than WordPress right now. Now you can easily set up!
your turn !

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